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Menopause Skin Treatment in Kent

Menopause Skin

We understand that the effects of menopause on our skin can be physical and emotional. For example, many women experience hot flashes and night sweats, which can cause the skin to become dry, irritated, and sensitive. Furthermore, hormone changes can also lead to acne, a common side-effect of menopause, affecting up to 80% of women. The changes in menopausal skin are largely due to hormonal fluctuations, which include a decrease in oil and sweat production, thinning skin, and increased sensitivity to the sun’s rays.

Menopause Skin: Revitalise Your Complexion Through Expert Care

Many professional and effective anti-ageing treatments available at our clinic can help relieve and mitigate the effects of menopause on your skin. Be sure to consult our board-certified dermatologist, who can recommend specific treatment plans that best meet your needs.

Treatments For Menopause Skin

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