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Protein Thread Facial in Kent

Protein Thread Facial

A Protein Thread Facial, otherwise known as Non-surgical Thread Lift is a Korean beauty treatment known to plump and lift loose, lax, wrinkled skin. The procedure uses a subcutaneous fibroin protein thread combined with a collagen and peptide essence that dissolves onto the skin.

Radiofrequency can also be used (additional charge.) This treatment is completely pain-free, and the skin has no redness or swelling, showing great results.

How does a Protein Thread Facial Work?

The dissolvable silk protein threads are strategically placed in lines on the face. A serum that is high in collagen and peptides is then sprayed directly onto the threads. Once the essence has been sprayed, the threads dissolve into the skin. For optimum results, Radiofrequency can also be applied for more intense treatment. Results are instant and more progressive after a course of treatment.

What areas can it treat?

Under the eyes, eyelids, frown line, jawline, crow’s feet, forehead, cheeks, neck, nasolabial folds, chest, stomach and knees.

Treatment Plan

A course of 8 treatments is required, each 1 week apart. A maintenance appointment is then recommended after 6 weeks and then once per month after that.

  • Prices start at £100 per session
  • A course of 8 is £90 per session (Saving £80)

What Conditions Can Protein Thread Facial Treat?

Protein Thread Facial Treatment Results

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