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What is Dermaquest?

Dermaquest is a scientific, medical-grade clinical brand from Los Angeles, California,  producing advanced products and treatments performed by qualified practitioners.

Formulated by Chemist Dr. Sam Dhatt, he leads a team of professional dermatologists who share his philosophy and passion for cutting-edge skincare technologies.

We only use Dermaquest products in our clinic. These products help you maintain healthy skin, and complement your treatments in the clinic as well as treat specific skin concerns.

They also provide a comprehensive range of ‘at home’ products to compliment your salon treatments. Their skincare is formulated with innovative ingredients that address every need and desire for targeted skin requirements. Each product offers skin-advanced delivery systems and unique layering technology. This means each product in the range is designed to feed the skin layer by layer, one product at a time.

There are several different ranges that target specific skin conditions The skincare is formulated with the Dermaclear range – this is ideal for acne sufferers and congested skin  (up to grade 4 acne can be treated ). The CBD range – amazing for calming eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and severely dry sensitive skin. The Sensitized range – is great for Rosacea-prone skin. The Skinbrite range – this will help to reduce pigmentation imperfections and is perfect for skin that has been exposed to IPL Laser & Skin rejuvenation treatments. The Peptide or Stem cell 3D range – these are perfect for aged and mature skin. And finally, The C Infusion range – is very good for premature skin. All products are also suitable for Men’s skin.

This skincare is only available exclusively via a professional aesthetic clinic or online and can only be stocked and prescribed by trained beauty practitioners.

The Dermaquest range of skincare products takes your skin to the next level of excellence. It is pure skin science that will not disappoint. Now is the time to invest in this medical-grade advanced skincare, especially if you are experiencing dry or dehydrated skin. During the colder months, skin will become dryer and the advanced ingredients found in Dermaquest will nourish and care for your skin unlike any other skincare bought off the shelf.  ⁠Dermaquest skincare is available by prescription only.  Your practitioner or therapist will be trained specifically in each range and the treatments available.

We highly recommend Dermaquest products over popular competitor brands found in other skin clinics. It is our chosen brand of skincare because of its advanced formulations.

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