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What is Lemonbottle?

Lemonbottle is a non-surgical solution to fat loss. It contains a high-concentration premium solution that helps to eliminate fat. It can be performed on all major parts of the body, including your chin. Lemonbottle fat loss injections are popular among people who have had previous trouble shifting stubborn areas of fat. The key ingredients found in Lemonbottle fat loss injections are: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Bromelain Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) and Lecithin.

This amazing fat-loss treatment combines Riboflavin and other excellent ingredients for fat decomposition to increase and accelerate fat cell metabolism. Lemonbottle fat loss treatment functions by separating fat cells with the metabolic activation effect of Riboflavin (vitamin B2). This creates fast lipase* activity and inflammation relief to rapidly remove excess fat effectively with little or no downtime.

*Lipase is an enzyme that helps break down fats into fatty acids and glycerol. It plays a crucial role in digestion and various metabolic processes in the body.

What does Lemonbottle do?

Lemonbottle solution reduces fat cells to maximise fat reduction. It decreases adipocytes* and produces collagen to increase skin elasticity and improve skin quality. Lemonbottle fat loss injections facilitate the circulation of the lymphatic fluid and can rapidly release stubborn fat cells. This is effective in reducing oedema^ and eliminating cellulite.

*Adipocytes are cells that make up fat tissue, specialising in storing energy as fat droplets.

^Oedema is a medical condition characterised by the accumulation of excess fluid in the body’s tissues, leading to swelling.

How does Lemonbottle work?

The Lemonbottle solution is carefully injected into the fat and results take around 20-30 days to show. The main component found in Lemonbottle is a derivative of Pineapple, called Bromelain Ananas Sativus. It acts as a powerful enzyme to dramatically eliminate fat, whilst Lecithin* possesses beneficial properties in reducing cholesterol levels.

*Lecithin is a fatty substance essential for the body’s cells and is commonly used as an emulsifier in food products.

After Lemonbottle has been injected into the body, it rapidly helps shift fat. The combination of the solution containing Lecithin, Riboflavin and Bromelain induces activation of fat metabolism, which helps lose weight more quickly. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) also helps reduce blood fat, whilst Lecithin destroys and transports unnecessary fat cells in the body. Lemonbottle fat loss injections help to break down fat and remove inflammation from the body. Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin found in Lemonbottle. It plays a pivotal role in turning carbohydrate protein fat into energy in the body. Vitamin B2 helps the body’s fat metabolism to burn fat. Riboflavin can be added to foods and is available as a supplement. Riboflavin is known to help treat obesity and reduce cholesterol.

Who is Lemonbottle for?

  • People looking for an alternative to liposuction.
  • Those who have been unsuccessful at losing weight through diet.
  • People who want to lose weight quickly in a short time.
  • Suffering with localised fat in a specific area.
  • Those who have not gained benefits from existing weight loss procedures.

Lemonbottle Aftercare

Guiding Steps for Post-Treatment Care after Lemonbottle Fat Loss Injections.

Higher Water Intake

Increasing water intake is a crucial part of the aftercare for Lemonbottle fat loss injections. By consuming more water, the body can more efficiently metabolise and flush out the broken-down fat cells from the body. This aids in the overall efficacy of the Lemonbottle treatment and assists in achieving faster and better results.

Hydration is also important for maintaining overall health, skin elasticity and quality, which are key focus areas of the Lemonbottle treatment.

No late-night meals

Avoiding late-night meals is recommended as part of the aftercare for Lemonbottle fat loss injections. Consuming meals late at night can interfere with the body’s metabolism, which is crucial for maximising the fat-burning properties of the Lemonbottle treatment.

Since Lemonbottle works by accelerating fat cell metabolism and inducing activation of fat metabolism, it’s important to support these processes through healthy dietary habits. Hence, this recommendation is aimed at optimising the body’s natural metabolic processes and maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.

Light exercise and massage

Engaging in light exercise and massage is an important part of the aftercare process following the fat loss injections. Light exercise supports the body’s metabolic processes, which are crucial for maximising the fat-burning properties of the Lemonbottle treatment. It aids in circulating the lymphatic fluid, helping to release stubborn fat cells more effectively and promoting overall health.

Massage, on the other hand, can assist in the even distribution of the solution within the body and stimulate the area to enhance metabolic activation for fat loss. Combining both light exercise and massage can help achieve faster and better results in fat reduction and overall body contouring.

Use hot towels or saunas for the first two to three days

Using hot towels or saunas is recommended for the first two to three days after receiving the fat loss injections. This practice can help enhance the metabolic activation induced by the treatment and support the body’s natural processes of breaking down and eliminating fat cells. The heat from hot towels or saunas can help dilate blood vessels, promoting better circulation and aiding in the transport and removal of the destroyed fat cells from the body.

Heat exposure can aid in the even distribution of the solution within the treated area and stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, which is essential for flushing out toxins and waste products. This aftercare strategy, combined with increased water intake, avoiding late-night meals, and engaging in light exercise and massage, can help to optimise the results of the treatment.

How Much Does Lemonbottle Cost?

£100 per vial (larger areas of the body typically require a minimum of three vials.)

Treatment plan

Depending on each patient, regular sessions are required for the best results. For more information, please contact The Kent Aesthetics Clinic.

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